What is the Interstellar Camo, and how can I unlock it?

The Interstellar Camo is a sought-after skin in COD MW3, offering your weapons a unique, space-themed appearance. We understand that the grind can be tedious, but our team can help you unlock this camo safely and efficiently.

To unlock the Interstellar Camo in “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3,” players need to follow a series of extensive and challenging steps:

  1. Base Camo Completion: The initial step involves unlocking the four base camos for each of the 36 weapons in MW3. This process itself can be quite time-consuming, estimated to take up to 100 hours​​.
  2. Unlocking Gilded Camo: After completing the base camos, players must then unlock the Gilded Camo for these 36 weapons. This requires killing 10 enemies with each weapon without taking any damage​​.
  3. Forged Camos: Once Gilded Camos are unlocked, players need to complete challenges to unlock the Forged Camos. These are relatively easier compared to the Gilded Camo challenges​​.
  4. Priceless Camo: The next step is unlocking the Priceless Camo by completing challenges for all 36 Forged Camos. This involves getting 5 kills 10 times without dying for each weapon​​.
  5. Weapon Mastery Camos: MW3’s Interstellar Camo is considered the ultimate multiplayer camo, requiring players to progress through the previous three weapon mastery camos – Gilded, Forged, and Priceless – for all 36 weapons​​.
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