What is the Borealis Camo, and why is it popular?

The Borealis Camo is another mastery camo in COD MW3, known for its striking, aurora-like design. It’s a fan favorite, and we provide services to unlock it without any risk to your account.

To unlock the Borealis Camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, players need to follow these detailed steps:

  1. Unlocking Golden Enigma Camo: The first step involves unlocking the Golden Enigma Camo for all 36 MW3 weapons in the Zombies mode. This stage sets the foundation for the subsequent camo challenges.
  2. Unlocking Zircon Scale Camo: After obtaining the Golden Enigma Camo for each weapon, players must then unlock the Zircon Scale Camo for the same set of weapons. This step continues the progression toward the final Borealis Camo.
  3. Unlocking Serpentinite Camo: The next step is to unlock the Serpentinite Camo for all 36 weapons. This camo represents the third tier in the mastery camo progression for Zombies mode.
  4. Total Playtime and Effort: The process to unlock these camos is extensive and time-consuming. Players are estimated to spend approximately 48 hours dedicated solely to completing these challenges​​.
  5. Final Unlocking of Borealis Camo: Once all prior mastery camos (Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, and Serpentinite) are unlocked for each of the 36 MW3 weapons, players will automatically receive the Borealis Camo as a reward. No additional per-weapon challenges are required beyond this point.

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