120x Rare Supply Drops, Weapon Bribes & Rare Camos


The service will be applied to your own account.
Service will be completed within 24 hours or less. You can still play on your account after purchase.

Package Includes:

  • Level 1000 Multiplayer
  • Level 1000 Zombies
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • All Camos Unlocked
  • All Hero Gear Unlocked
  • RARE Cherry Fizz Camo
  • RARE Into the Void Camo
  • RARE Permafrost Camo
  • RARE Empire Camo
  • 1 x Three-of-a-Kind Bribe
  • 120 x Rare Supply Drops
  • 9 x Ranged Weapon Bribe
  • 9 x Melee Weapon Bribe
  • 1 x Weapon Bribe
  • 1 x Camo Bribe
  • 548464 Kills
  • 4.52 K/D
  • 2.76 W/L
  • 81 days 7 hour played (LEGIT STATS)

You can put the camos on ALL GUNS, including the black market weapons as well!
You must have at least 300 COD Points for the RARE Camos to work.
If you have completed any contracts, you may get few supply drops than promised so we advise you to make a new account.


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