MW2: Bot Lobby (Pick Any Map)


You will receive the following:

  • 12 AFK Bots
  • Pick any map
  • Get over 200 kills per game
  • Unlock Camos
  • Rank up your weapons
  • Unlock Challenges such as Double Kills, Longshots, Point Blanks and Kills without Dying
  • Activate MGB
  • Boost Stats
  • Account Login is not Required
  • Works on all platforms (PS/XBOX/PC)
We have been offering boosting services for over 3 years with no ban reports, and this legitimate public lobby ensures that our service is 100% safe with a 0% chance of bans.
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Are you tired of grinding for hours to unlock the gold, platinum, polyatomic, and orion camo in MW2? Our MW2: bot lobby services can help make the process much faster and easier. Our services are designed to help you unlock these camos quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on enjoying the game. For an extra $5, you can pick any map to help you complete longshot challenges & more. Plus, our services are safe and secure, so you can use them with confidence. So why wait? Start unlocking those camos today with our MW2: bot lobby services and take your gameplay to the next level.