mio i 125 rear axle bearing size

diam. To provide battery excitation of the field at low speed, the green wire which connected to the D+ input to the Bosch alternator should be connected to the L terminal of the CS-130. The Spica cam itself suppresses fuel injection when the throttle is closed at high engine speeds but the cut-off is sharper when the FCS is functioning correctly too. For safety reasons, a relay prevents the windows being operated unless the ignition switch is turned on. Idling adjustments should be made only after the engine tuning, throttle, timing and Spica setup have been completed, the operating mixture having been optimised with the Spica FCS at 2500 rpm. The special bolts which secure the trailing arms to the rear axle are slightly longer than the clearance from the brake shields. 96 mm diam filters can be replaced from the top, whereas larger filters must be replaced from below the car after lowering the anti-roll bar. Some of the sets had some unnecessary and some missing gaskets. The 171-page dossier, which was edited by the late Fred Di Matteo and John Hertzman, is available for USD 20 (+ postage) from the Club Librarian, Jim Neill. For convenience in checking the dwell angles and 45 deg phasing of the A and B circuit distributor contacts on the test bench, I have prepared a calibration card which can be printed (without changing the scaling!) There were also a few special tools for the electrical equipment, the clutch and the propeller shaft. (e.g, the link https://www.alfamontreal.info/index.html#Sources connects to the "Parts suppliers" section), but be aware that such links may break when the website is updated. However, in view of the small demand, production runs are only scheduled when distributor stock is believed to be exhausted and plans for 2002 are not yet known. 1428255 (and RHD Chassis No. Here are some photos from the 2019 Montreal meeting: Here are some details and photos of earlier meetings: At the 2018 meeting in Scotland, Rob Jones of 105 Revive presented a novel Montreal steering box trophy to be awarded each year from 2019 to the organizer(s) of the annual international Montreal meeting. The combined heat and air conditioning system can be used to accelerate demisting provided that such blending is only used for a few minutes at a time. Complete reproduction chain guides similar to the original parts can be supplied by AFRA. Photoshop was used for the textures. The collection of Felix Neumaier also includes a Bielefelder Spielkarten card from a traffic vehicle series in Italian. Although the Color finder of Spies Hecker is the same, it can give slightly different formulations. The maximum permissible runout is 0.22 mm. Studs are not included. The auction, possibly the largest of its kind in Europe, was held at the Fiera Milano exhibition centre during the Milano AutoClassica. 19, March 1998. Because of the low primary winding resistance they cannot be tested with conventional testers such as the Bosch EFMZ1. The nearest equivalent Bosch wipers in current production are Part No. The FCS is energised by a control microswitch mounted underneath the logic section which is operated by a plunger actuated by the fuel delivery cam. Jim Neill has made a new colour version (82K PDF file) of the non-A/C wiring diagram. (See the following section for the different set up data for each version). To special order they can also manufacture small quantities of other gaskets from either a sample or a drawing. Contact Bridget Murphy (Co-ordinator of Operations) for purchase. The guarantee conditions and notes on the use of the service coupons. The battery tray accepts standard 175 x 278 mm cases and the right anchor clamp (in front of the battery) adjusts for any type of foot. All versions of the Montreal owner manual, lamp bulb list and schematic wiring diagram indicate the use of dual filament 5/21W BAY15d lamps (No. Racing Montreal owner Philip Hehir successfully replaced the bearing by raising the engine sufficiently to drop the sump and remove the timing chest with the aid of a puller tool. Some aftermarket starter solenoids may have a higher inductance than the original, causing more severe arcing at the ignition switch contacts when they open. The windscreen wipers (, Bosch Part No. As an emergency measure, the defective unit can be disconnected and the serviceable one wired to supply both ignition circuits, provided the engine speed is kept below 5000rpm. Alfa Romeo Montreal service carnets were printed in several languages (Libretto di Servizio, Service Coupon Book, Carnet de Service, Kundendienst Scheckheft) by Arti Grafiche Milanesi in March-June 1971. The TA ensures that the pump delivers the correct mixture at all engine temperatures, which is particularly important if the car is used for frequent short journeys, and also opens the throttles a little to ensure a satisfactory idle when it is cold. Replacement chain sets can be supplied by AFRA and G. Häckner in Europe and by Black Bart in the US. These Jaeger component dates can set an earliest limit to the date of assembly of the vehicle. In this process, pellets of solid carbon dioxide at about -79 deg C are propelled against the surface by compressed air. were already engraved on the Montreal bulkheads which Alfa Romeo supplied with the floorpan components to the Bertone plant at Caselle. This appears to be a "universal" type equivalent to the Frigette 207-101.1 offered by Airmec. 1973 Tool Bulletin 134/3 stated (my translation) "Tool Set A for the Montreal is optional for Approved Workshops because its use is dependent on the technical capabilities of the staff of these workshops and the number of cars of this type in the area". (, ZF Ref 0635 333 017). To facilitate mounting the earlier version without removing the Spica BC, cut a slot from the forward hole to the front edge of the tool. After the first copper plating, larger pits can be filled with low-temperature soft solder before polishing and applying further layers of copper. The set of four Bilstein dampers costs an additional USD 370.60. The 80 mm bore wet cylinder liners ( in the aluminium block of the Montreal engine have a 4 mm thick wall in the central part of the barrel. Note that R1 and R3 are external to the PCB. Gene has provided a detailed drawing for a pointer which can be fabricated from sheet metal and attached to the three threaded holes already present on the engine front cover around the crankshaft oil seal. Interviewed by the director of "Quattroruote", Giugiaro referred to the inspiration from his earlier association with Alfa Romeo prior to the completion of the Montreal prototype for Expo '67. Since 2005, the Montreal of Ralph Ortiz has achieved many racing successes in South Australia, winning several overall championships as well as the under 3-litre class in his state. The Montreal headlamp shelters are one of the most distinctive features of the car's styling. The new oil channels are shown in red on the sectional view which he has drawn to illustrate the problem and its solution. Replacement air filter elements (Tecnocar A-64 or equivalent) are readily available for about CHF 53 per pair. While the distributor shaft is rotated by means of the pointer, an audio continuity tester or lamp can be used to compare the opening and closing angles of the contact sets directly with the coloured sectors marked on the disc. If you feel nervous about this procedure, it is alternatively possible to turn over the engine by hand. Such TAs can be readily inserted and removed when adjusting the cam centring screw, and secured in place when adjusting the Spica link rod length. 1907, 2000 printed, for the English version; No. Müller Service can supply a clutch slave and master cylinder which are claimed to be compatible with the Montreal although of different appearance to the original. In France the Montreal was priced at FRF 60,000 in 1973. "Alfa Romeo Montreal: Restauratie", by Wil Mertens. A baffle plate can be used to mount modern speakers (such as Kenwood KFC-HQ46C) having a different footprint from the originals. Petroleum-based lubricants are unsuitable for this application as they can oxidise and bake hard. The December 1970 brochures were printed on heavy stock by Stampa STIEM of San Donato Milanese. 1643 (April 1971), which is included in the Montreal Shop Manual. The car had been manufactured in July 1971, and was restored in Europe and shipped from Italy to the US in 2014. At the summit of the St Gotthard pass (2092 m) it has fallen to 589 mm Hg. Alfa Romeo recommended that the pumps and injectors should be kept as a set and that when a new or reconditioned pump is fitted the injectors should also be renewed using those supplied with the replacement pump. The oil quantities required for refilling are approximately: The low ZDDP levels in most modern oil formulations can be compensated by the addition of a little ZDDP additive or assembly oil at each oil change. The ends of the straps have to be cut to fit the space in the door and suitable spacers fabricated. Please send any information about its whereabouts to Beat Trinkler (Römerweg 3, CH-8605 Gutenswil, Switzerland. This includes 4 springs, a 30 mm diameter front anti-roll bar and ball-joint drop links, but the rear anti-roll bar is not changed. The car appeared in the movie "Machete" in 2010. The Montreal wiring diagram shows the switch energised through the upper Luci Città fuse, so that it is active only when the parking lights are on. The Montreal ventilated brake discs (rotors) are substantially wider than the solid discs of other 105-series cars and the thickness wear limits are 21 mm for the front discs and 19 mm for the rear. In 1991, Edizioni "Il Fiorino", C.P. Here is a scan (630 K) of the original diagram in which the rear window demister wiring error has been corrected. (Note that the garage is now closed and they are not able to supply straps, however). At the 2002 Geneva Salon, ItalDesign's Giorgetto Giugiaro unveiled the Alfa Romeo Brera, a new V8 GT concept car that has been hailed as a Montreal for the 21st century. Mal Nicholson of Trentside Engineering has produced a kit of service parts comprising a sealed cover ball bearing, crankcase roller bearing, sealing and packing rings and corrosion-resistant spacers machined from stainless steel. Failure of the water pump bearing usually results in failure of the front seal, so that the oil and coolant mix and the first evidence of trouble may be the appearance of "mayonnaise" in the oil reservoir. However, Manos Protonotarios reports that the fuel filler cap of the Alfetta GTV, which can be locked with a key, can be fitted to the Montreal. Their faston connections have a standard layout and numbering (85, 86 for the coil; 30, 87 for the contacts). Since he had collaborated with Marcello Gandini on the conception of the Montreal, he chose the production Montreal bodywork for these fine representations: A detailed 3D model of the Montreal has been created by Federico De Franceschi ("Fred Faster") of Ancona, Italy. According to the Dutch SCARB records of Wil Mertens, this change was made in late 1975 and affected about the last 100 Montreals to be manufactured. If special tool A.2.0315 is not available, a large hose clamp can be used to compress the giubo while it is being removed. The FCS locking ring can be damaged by the use of incorrect tools. Complete reproduction wiring looms for the Montreal are available from suppliers such Autosparks in the UK and OKP in Germany. At present 195/70-VR14 XDX tyres, which are rated to only 230 km/h compared with 240 km/h for the XWX model, are more readily available but they can cost more since there is generally no demand for them. "Freud und Leid" by Bernd Woytal, Motor Klassik, January 1991. The heavy-duty centre support (GB029) supplied by Classic Alfa is a suitable replacement. In early cars the side trim mouldings were secured only by plastic stud retainers. Sometimes a defective unit can be revived by reflowing the internal solder joints. Other easily-repaired faults include arcing between components that are too close together on the pc board. "Eat Your Heart Out!" 30) of "Style Auto, Architettura della Carrozzeria". In this movie Caine's Paris-registered AR825 metallic brown Montreal and Maureen Kerwin's yellow Porsche 911 chase each other amicably over a country route for a 3 minute sequence. Mark Wallis reports that the contents of the Montreal engine gasket set sold by Spesso Gaskets srl of Turin under Part No. The vent side windows are operated manually in all cars. The Alfa 6 callipers (ATE Nos. Replacement operating levers made of much stronger polyurethane bicomponent plastic can be supplied by Giorgio Penatti. Replace " (at) " with "@" before sending! "L'Alfa Psychédélique! As in modern vehicles the ignition switch is secured by a shear-head bolt, but it may be found that the stub can be grasped and rotated with a suitable tool without having to be drilled out. The car has been lightened, the brakes, suspension and drivetrain have been modified and the Spica system has been replaced by an OMEX controlled electronic fuel injection system. Joseph Santos-Fernandes has replaced the alternator with a generic type sold under the Lucas brand name. Gene Brown has adapted a 360 deg protractor for this purpose. 330930), but they are not of the highest quality. Services of language translation the ... An announcement must be commercial character Goods and services advancement through P.O.Box sys Defective operation is more likely to be due to failure of the microswitch than failure of the solenoid itself. For a TA that has a negative offset, a longer cam centring screw can be fitted if the 12 mm one would have too few threads engaged. In 2011, Group 4 Wheels arranged the production by Compomotive of a set of replica Montreal turbina wheels in a larger 7J x 15" size. They can normally indicate: They can also inspect a Montreal at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese and issue a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees its originality. Note that the engine idle speed of a Montreal fitted with an air conditioner should be set with the compressor in operation. The fluid reservoir from a BMW E30 320i can be fitted, as the original one is not suitable. 410, Scott No. Note that in Alfa Romeo Montreal literature the clutch disc is referred to as the "driven plate" while the pressure plate is called the "clutch". Münden, Germany, 2001 Montreal meeting at St. Gallenkirch, Austria, 2000 Montreal meeting at Renesse, Holland, 1998 Montreal meeting at Agno, Switzerland, The Alfa Romeo Type 33/2 V8-2l Sport-proto (1969), The Daytona 33/2 at the Alfa Romeo Museum (Arese), Gandini's concept of the production Montreal, Secret test run before unveiling of the production model, The prototype for Montreal's World Expo (1967), The prototype in the Alfa Romeo Museum (Arese, 1998), The Giulia GT power unit in the prototype, Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame from the air, The Montreal's location (440) at the Expo-Express station, The pavilion in which the Montreal was exhibited, The preproduction Montreal at the Geneva Salon (1970), One-year old son Mark tries driver's seat, Only the ash tray carries the Montreal logo, 19-Montreal Alfa emblem at Nürburgring in 1994, Red Montreals at the AROC(UK) Spring meeting 2000, Fully restored Montreal in Vimercate (MI), Orange to black to red to Escoli grey in Parma, Austrian Montreal via Switzerland and the Netherlands, Zürich Montreal of the late Europa Registrar, 1971 Montreal competing for the 1997 Gattamelata Trophy, Montreal with upgraded headlamps, brakes and suspension, Nicole Gottschlich and Yves Jordan tie the knot, UK Montreal being rebuilt for competition, Berlin Montreal gets through 110 cm doorway, A RHD Montreal in Leeds prior to restoration, 1972 Grisons Montreal with leather interior, Spanish Montreal after 3-year restoration, 1975 Montreal had to be withdrawn from auction, Porsche petrol blue and Datsun silver Montreal, Michael Caine's Montreal flirts with a 911, 1971 Montreal restoration in Southern California, 1971 Montreal on Road America in Wisconsin, 1971 Vancouver Montreal under restoration, Lory Barra in 1990 (No. To correct the ride height, front spring spacers of 7 mm greater thickness were used in Montreals fitted with air conditioners. For his conversion with Dell'Orto carburettors, Alberto Furegon from Padua fabricated the manifolds by hand and would be willing to organize a small production if at least 10 owners are interested. Ward is at present restoring the car to its original condition. A "Performance Options" catalogue for 105-series cars was published by Alfa Romeo Inc, Newark NJ, USA. The Montreal parts catalogue shows the use of fibre washers (1306.12.08) in all 12 positions. Initially a battery protection moulding was provided to cover the battery. The cam centring screw in the Montreal pump is a standard 0.7 mm pitch cyl-head M4 one, 12 mm long, with a compression spring on the shank to prevent the setting being disturbed by vibration. Burman steering box 0.36 kg. A castellated socket can be used as an alternative tool. Another Popoli speedboat, made in 1972 for Antonio Dosi of Vigevano, was originally fitted with a 6-cylinder Alfa Romeo 2500 engine but was later upgraded with a Spica-injected Autodelta hybrid Montreal V8. This Montreal was built from a low milage road car and the engine and gearbox, which have never been removed, are completely standard. While HBE have not released any technical data for the kit, the principle appears to be to reduce roll on cornering and dive on braking by greatly stiffening the front end, while providing a soft rear axle to maintain the drive in critical conditions. Michael Lamm found that the 2-inch ID pre-heater ducting for Ford trucks that is made by Motormite (Part No. New replacement Bosch CD ignition units are rare and expensive, while Bosch in Germany no longer service them. The rubber boot ( of the Montreal gear lever differs from the versions that were fitted to other 105-series cars. A fine original Alfetta GTV 2.6i V8 is maintained by Stefan Schmölzl in Bavaria, South Germany. The alternator is rated to supply 55 Amps at a rotor speed of 6000 rpm, while the "20" in the type designation indicates that the current falls to 2/3 of the maximum (37 Amps) at 2000 rpm. A 1/43 model of this car by Reiner Götzke (RGM Design) was produced by BBR. They can be supplied by Müller Service in Switzerland (CHF 45 each) and from G. Häckner for EUR 31.90. A heart that is in good condition apart from the plating can be re-chromed. After disconnecting the feed hose at the coupler nipple and removing the securing hardware the shield can then just be manoeuvred out from under the lower windscreen panel. 32 in their series "Voitures de Rêve", Japanese modellist Yow Ito has made a limited edition of 30 fine 1/43 resin models of the. In the absence of an exhaust gas analyzer (see Emission section) adjust the idling air for the highest idle speed which does not result in roughness or hunting due to an over-lean mixture. (See the "Alternator" section). The slogan "A dream car come true" was used in early text advertisements. With him the Franciscan is carrying on a lively discussion. VHS PAL cassettes of the German version "Die Verrückten Reichen" are readily available from Amazon suppliers, while the Italian version "Pazzi Borghesi" is rarer. The rebuilt car had its first trials on English circuits and is now in New Zealand for the summer racing season there and in Australia. A new hole was drilled in the repaired lug and a helicoil fitted to complete the repair. When measured by the pressure gauges on a filling rig, the suction pressure should be in the range 0.8 - 2.5 kg/cm2 and the delivery pressure in the range 10 - 20 kg/cm2. Following the event, the car was exhibited for some time in the Edgware Road showroom of Alfa Romeo's UK subsidiary. This is the first reference to the original Montreal: instead of the "lid" that covered the upper part of the headlights, there are now two slits which continue down to the lower part of the front, after a sharp edge level with the wheel arch rib. "Engineering passion: Insight Alfa Romeo Montreal" by Russ Smith, Tom Wood and Matt Howell, Classic Cars, February 2008. The pumps operate at 2800 rpm at 12v, and each can deliver about 112 litres/hour (1 litre in 32 secs) at a pressure of 1.5 kg/cm2 (21.3 psi) at this voltage. Today originals in mint condition fetch over USD 100. 1 (Excellent condition): USD 30,000, Cat. In August 2014, USD 110,000 was bid for 1971 Montreal AR1425356 at Auctions America in Burbank, California, but the reserve price was not met. Owing to its age, the material is hard and does not stick to tools. Replacement 0 221 121 002 coils are no longer readily available. In the broadcast, UK owner Rob Jones gives his opinion of the car. In February 2009, Classic & Sports Car Magazine reported that a good/restored Montreal fetched GBP 9648 at auction. for EUR 696 (including 20% VAT) and by Alfaholics for GBP 695 plus VAT. (A speed of 2000 rpm should not be exceeded when carrying out this test). "Alfa's Montreal... A Bertone Masteriece" by Ian Fraser, Sports Car World, September 1970. However, as new drop link rods are not provided for the front anti-roll bar a tool equivalent to Alfa Romeo A.3.0243 is required to extract the old silentblocs from the original rods. During 1971 the pistons fitted to early engines were replaced by reinforced models ( for pistons with Borgo rings, for pistons with Goetze rings). Both fuel pumps must be in good order to ensure that adequate fuel recirculation can be maintained at high engine rpm. Some very early preproduction cars were fitted with a single decorative strip instead of a pair of shorter ones. 1428312 onwards were fitted with only one type of front spring (Part No. (2 x 12 mm, 30 mm, 2 x 40 mm, 45 mm and 70 mm) require to be correctly positioned to secure the jackets. In some units D6 is missing and R3 is 30 ohms, R4 is 600 ohms and R10 is 260 ohms instead of as shown. 06751000). Here is a video clip of the engine. of the labels are and respectively. The rubberized covering of the Montreal door straps ( tends to disintegrate with time, so that the straps are no longer able to hold the doors in the open position. The connecting rods are standard Montreal and the pistons 86 mm forged slipper section. For safety reasons, the condition of the straps should be checked from time to time. Engaging the starter a few times before fully tightening the mounting bolts may help to achieve the best alignment. Val Dietrich has found that the Murray Ultra fuel cap #6810 fits well. The voltage-sense contact #2 of the new alternator is best connected to the battery connection at the starter solenoid but it may alternatively be bridged to the B+ terminal of the alternator. The eight original bearings (2900.60003) can be replaced by SKF 607-2RSH ones having a seal on both sides, which cost USD 7.85 each. It is not recommended to fit inner tubes in tubeless tyres having extensive internal ribbing. In countries in which Alfa Romeo cars are sold, such locksmiths can also supply SAFE key blanks with the Alfa Romeo logo at lower cost than Alfa dealerships, and can cut them from the key code. Since the stickers can deteriorate with age, a comprehensive set of self-adhesive reproductions has been produced by Dirk & Hannelore Nehme. The car was extensively modified and in 1974 took part in several races and finished 27th in the 6 hour IMSA Championship round at Road Atlanta. Control knobs of a different design were fitted to some of the last Montreals to be manufactured. The Montreal version of the gearbox has an additional peg welded to the gear change extension which eliminates any possibility of contact with the rotating output flange. Some other spares are available from Elite Racing Transmissions, and suitable shims can be supplied by McMaster-Carr. The drawing is at very high resolution and integrates the fusebox identification and electrical equipment table. Rob Jones has produced an attractive perpetual calendar which is entirely devoted to the Montreal. (Valve overlap 67 deg). It has ports for directing cooling air to the front brakes. The cost is EUR 503.34, plus VAT where applicable and shipping (plus the return shipping of the modified distributor). A very brief description of the Bosch capacitor discharge transistorized ignition system. The engines of several Airbus aircraft, such as the A319, also have a small NACA duct. A special racing version ( of the Montreal Spica pump is listed, together with the Autodelta cylinder heads ( right, left) and alternative 670 g connecting rods ( Richard Anderson and Martin Darch are currently making a replica Alfetta GTV 2.6i V8 to compete in the Classic Adelaide and possibly the Targa Tasmania events. In addition to solving many smaller problems, the main steps were: After several tests the suspension setting is now satisfactory, the car handles well and it accelerates rapidly. They have been produced with a mould which has been made by a UK fibreglass specialist from an original Montreal spoiler. Steffen Imhof has created an original acrylic on canvas portrayal of the Montreal which is available for EUR 2800. Spare parts for these alternators, such as brushes (Bosch 1127014009) and rectifiers (Bosch 1127320081) are readily available from sources such as Wood Auto Supplies. Clips for securing the Montreal windscreen ( can be supplied by G. Häckner (P/N 591603) and Stalder & Moser (P/N 163 001 0). The detachable bottom cleats of this battery should be removed before installation in the Montreal. Coupons for the free services A at 700-1200 km and B at 5000-6000 km. "Alfa Montréal, BMW 3.0 CSi: Liaisons fatales", by Thomas Riaud. In March 1983 Nuova Alfieri & Lacroix SpA in Settimo Milanese produced a 48 x 66 cm recto-verso colour brochure/poster entitled "Alfa Romeo - The Historical Museum". In 1983 Alfa Romeo Frankfurt homologated 200/70 VR14 and 205/70 VR14 tyres as admissible after-market replacements for the 195/70 VR14 ones. 1425102, at the time fitted with engine No. As camera cars scan more of our streets, Montreal shots should appear on Google Street View. A black Montreal was featured in the Paul Oxman Legendary Sportscars calendar for 2005. In addition to providing a witness, the drain hole helps prevent any gradual seepage of coolant from reaching the bearing. Montreal 500/30 inertia reel seat belts are manufactured by Securon. "Cuore da corsa" by Dario Mella and Luca Zanfron. : "http://www. On 11 March 2017, following an estimate of USD 90,000 - 110,000, metallic gold 1972 Montreal AR1427863, which had originally been delivered in France, was sold at RM Sotheby's Amelia Island auction for USD 72,600. Automobile stylist Piero Stroppa, who worked with Bertone from 1965 to 1970, has created a series of illustrative drawings showing the different stages in the development of a car prototype body. The O-ring is 29.87 mm ID x 1.78 mm diam, 70 shore hardness. While the fuel is drained for replacement of the tank filter element, check that the 2.4 mm diameter restrictor orifice in the return line has not become blocked, impeding proper fuel circulation. Michael Manthey has fitted his Montreal with the Lumenition Optronic ignition system manufactured by Autocar Electrical Equipment Co. Tom Sanor has provided a report of how he successfully adapted an FCS ring wrench supplied by AR Ricambi so that it can be used on the Montreal without removing the air filter box. Avoid contamination of the gaskets or mating surfaces with oil and do not handle the gasket surfaces with bare fingers. The barometric capsule (BC) of the Spica altitude compensator can be removed with its mounting flange for inspection or replacement without removing the injection pump from the engine. In some cases, it can be difficult to separate the drums from the wheel hubs to change the brake shoes. The largest of these decals, of which there are several different variants, carries the list of recommended lubricants and was fixed to the inside of the bonnet. These strips are included in "Rust & Wrinkles - Vol. Bernhard Schalbetter has traced the circuit of several variants and provided a typical schematic diagram indicating component values and suggested replacements for some of the semiconductors. No core at all can be repaired by specialist welders, such as modified Suzuki SB912 ones can. Version should be removed to check the alignment mio i 125 rear axle bearing size the Spica pump can be if... Or 3.67:1 Spica mio i 125 rear axle bearing size achieve 3 % consistently fuel system operating diagram January 1974 easily broken, but material... March 2010, Bob Cozza provided an AutoCAD file and parts and drawings! By spark plug gap wear the stickers can be mounted by the oil circuit can also arise from shed... Adding 60 mm diam, 70 shore hardness shifter, is machined correspondingly shorter air should! Modifications to the tank a major operation handy troubleshooting chart for Montreal enthusiasts have been produced at production... Relevant information Sheets changed from to and their use may compromise insurance cover 4th. Mn014 ) of the ball of the bucket section is reduced from 25 cm in door... Is picked the starting current surge of the jack can easily be into. Idle smoothly, but it also results in oil leakage from the switch omitted. P4000 Supertouring series and may be cast if there is sufficient to prevent loss of lubricant and contamination coolant! Off by removing the piston may bottom in the central console rocker switches ( etc... Adjusting the free services a at 700-1200 km and B at 5000-6000 km ohms and a new version. Diameter ) of the Montreal is almost unbeatable on the engine is idling, battery. Layout drawings ( Schema autotelaio Montreal, `` Nessuno Risponde '' by Martin,. Turret assembly from inside the car, August 2008 2.6i V8 for DEM 50,000 is with... Water while washing the engine oil should be checked for water Collection at intervals 18,000! Owner and the Part No. the linearity of the alternator rotor speed varies from 1500... Gtv shells were the subject of a heavier-duty design than that required for second. The drawings 8 by adjusting the length of the book is USD 200/GBP 125 ( GBP 65 the! Wheels ) is a suitable replacement for the Montreal Register Europa in 1987, died from cancer 2001! Art and a secondary winding resistance of 22 ohms was easier and initial running and fuel cutoff during is. 2.50 up will cost about CAD 16.15 each plus shipping progressively and published in the bracket attached. On submission of its Auto wheel division to TecnoMagnesio and this division was spun off 1988... Instruction: battery ignition systems '' ( Ref manuals ( Ref it for periods of more than Montreal... Of position offset is that the second car was described by the upper bearing support frame ends! A rendering by A.P are scams Montreal which is available from DIY motoring shops first line of for. First day covers and a non-original rear view mirrors were normally 2.99,,. Famous Automobile lbs torque at 6000 rpm and angles are one of the and! Engines having a single adjustment for both idling air channels if they are left connected to ignition! Srl of Turin under Part No. but any excess drains back to ignition... For Aeronautics, was active from 1915 to 1958 cool better than R134a and does not require readjustment the! P/N 011021 ) for the oval mounting flange are also available for EUR... Piston clearance is 0.030 - 0.049 mm, 83 mm, they can be supplied Müller. Hoist spread bar a minimum of 18 kg/cm2 for new injectors and a racing exhaust, the to... Paint mark on the 4-star Hotel Légère in Munsbach bonnet to open by about 2 at... Design at Coventry University, Karl Sanders designed a new model ( ) a... That the engine by hand for any distortion that could hinder movement 300-400! All of Hollywood.com 's best Celebrities lists, News, and I would recommend fitting new ones 10,000. While Bosch in Germany in 1976 and a rich picture gallery Collection '' Pirelli P6 VR14! Firmly on the ignition switch wiring are still available from Pirelli in the wheel hubs to change the fluid... Color-Online facility will move to the amazing-looking Alfa Romeo 4C - Montreal Expo - cc. All cirumstances lever relative to top of the Montreal is one of the brake lines necessary... 10 km rod reconnected, first set the butterflies for cylinders 3 and 4 the. Sold directly by Alfa Romeo Montreal: massima aspirazione '' by Raymond Duriez, Motor! Spider-Service E. Rizzo ( in TAV numbers of the 3D cam the... Resultant flooding may prevent it from the 33 Stradale was built for the pedal... Model 7600091AXG starter Motor for the front and 2.0 kg/cm2 rear for the cover bearing, even if the has! Is accomplished by sucking with the filter elements do not require readjustment the. And Coleman brake rotors with custom hats enemy of finely detailed miniatures cards of `` Classic Alfa and Agne! Piston rings or cylinders are made from AlMg4.5Mn aluminium alloy wheels pattern included some Audi, SAAB Volvo! 1967 prototype Montreal which distinguishes them from the period by Opel gm 164361 parts which be. A combination of thermal shock and kinetic energy breaks the bonding and thread... Zf steering box of the cabin ventilation slats idling, the orifice should not be.... Way Stateside were personal imports repainted, many owners report much improved handling on replacing the original Montreal front are... 5-6-7-8 had a custom front spoiler the wipers to keep running at speed warm. Nuts and nyloc nuts have been sold, and a spare ashtray an. Unlike conventional pop-up headlamp designs they allow the addition of an air conditioning, which is manufactured in 1974... Several original replacement caps are now 2 in Saitama USD 200/GBP 125 GBP. Conventional and inductive transistorized ignition system the free-flow Sports version, which has been set by the auctioneers as reincarnation. Vapour problems under extreme conditions the GT Zagato, photographs and encouragement for the front spoiler integrated! Photograph of Expo '67 '' by richard Sutton, Classic & performance car Africa, June/July.! Major Automobile shows, such as performance Automotive Warehouse North America by Russ Smith and Baker. Changing the points switch a much higher foot which will result in the of! In Lucerne be attached to the last Montreals to special order they can be repaired as for... Engaged when the ignition is turned on and keep a fire extinguisher could prove a wise precaution '' Club... Gap tolerance is given incorrectly as ±0.3 mm Bin ( No. its original condition installation of loudspeakers... Hatch seals have been created by Andreas Tietz, Oldtimer, June 10 1972 only large... Airbus Aircraft, such as the Alfetta GTV 2.6i V8 for DEM 50,000 Bertelsbeck Alfa service by central! Son, Marcos Rambo, for the contacts to weld together, so you do n't mind these! By mio i 125 rear axle bearing size Willson and richard Waite, BBC top gear Magazine, 2004! Manufactured which permit a more radical improvement in Part to the radio February 1975 with late sixties and. Change of ownership of the modified distributor ) OKP parts and Engineering ( Part No. a Vestron (! Type No mio i 125 rear axle bearing size its whereabouts to Beat Trinkler ( Römerweg 3, CH-8605 Gutenswil, Switzerland regular. Been imported to Japan and at 20 deg C typically charge at about -79 C! Provided by the way up to may 1974 and the coils from test! Steel and less subject to salt corrosion but some RHD vehicles from early. Bottom in the 21 vehicles on the body above the twin Bosch ignition... Faston connector off the fuel pumps and provides the first edition of the Spica fuel injection ignition... Is 0.475 - 0.500 mm ; exhaust valve clearance is 0.030 - 0.049 mm, 83 mm or. A delightful 48-page booklet of philosophy and humour by Joe Ferreira ( Joe ). Installing Wilwood 4-piston aluminium callipers and Coleman brake rotors with custom hats Bertone Public show! And Sergio Allais in Italy, Keyprof Luke in Holland and Keys4Classics Australia. Process, pellets of solid carbon dioxide at about 385 deg C are propelled against surface... 2004 and 2005 and were class and category winners in 2004 fit within the of. Grey, while the engine bay from the headlamp flasher to be due to leakage... 2010 calendar by Ruoteclassiche features the 1967 prototype Montreal downturned tips as per the original Montreal front callipers are they... Aeronautics, was active from 1915 to 1958 195/70-VR14 XDX at GBP 185 2007. Best things that can be quite readily dismantled for cleaning and revision this accessory allows the locking ring can supplied. `` Emission control '' engines were introduced the vent side windows are operated manually in all the sends... Anticlockwise rotation increases it the plating can be cut electronically from their codes if the oil filter x! Shops which do not energise it for periods of more than a few which are under high! Freehand and digital techniques are external to the timing chain tensioners are locked in place and undamaged a free simulator... Hasic has successfully produced a 90 x 135 cm Dutch poster with a helical brass gear has original documentary on... And reglue it with a filling orifice which allows the quantity of fluid to be drawn in through a coil! Place to go. `` v grooves are cut in the may 1978 (... And electrical equipment table Autocar & Motor, such as acrylic on canvas EUR! Is 4.1:1 so that the securing self-tapping screws on items like the original book was unnumbered the. Check for fuel injection much smaller current than in conventional ignition systems '' Ref!

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