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Some editors think they refer to the epitaph cut on the stone, though no such interpretation is really necessary. In the concluding 'rejected' stanzas of the first version of the Elegy the classical praise of retirement is successfully blended with the Christian consolation that this world is nothing but vanity and that comfort for the afflicted will come in the next, although G.'s handling of the religious theme is very restrained. Or Young (quoted by Mitford without ref. 107.1-7 'Now ... forlorn,] "Now woeful wan, he droop'd, [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Starr/J.R. ". clarus, clear. Whether about animals, family life, or goofy people, they're all guaranteed to crack a smile. 1898]. The other main fact in support of 1742 is that that year was by far the most creative of G.'s life: but there must obviously be a limit to this kind of argument, and it may be hard to believe that, in addition to the Ode on Spring, the Sonnet on West, the Eton Ode, the Ode to Adversity and the fragmentary Hymn to Ignorance, G. also found time and creative energy to write very much of the Elegy. Young, Criticism on the Elegy (1783) p. 85, cites Pope, Dying Christian to his Soul 3: 'Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying'.". Like one who has had a limb removed, you constantly reach for the phantom lover. If you behold the Magazine of Magazines in the light that I do, you will not refuse to give yourself this trouble on my account, which you have taken of your own accord before now. [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. He finished it at Stoke on the 12th of June 1750. ". 1891]. Johnson's definitions confirm that G.'s meaning was close to the Latin ingenuus: natural, or noble ('Freeborn; not of servile extraction' - Johnson) or, combining these senses, innately noble or honourable. Cp. 72.1 With] "Burn. - Original MS. [Mason [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 109.3 I] "we   Fraser MS." D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. : 98.1-10 'Oft ... dawn] "Fairfax's Tasso XIV lxxix 4 [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. lawn.] 66.2 growing] "struggling   Eton, with growing [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. "Mitford quotes Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, section xiii (verse): ''Rich with the spoils of nature.''". Hendrickson, 1966. 65.2 lot] "Fate in Fraser MS. with [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 13.5-6 that yew-tree's] "The yew-tree under which Gray [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. Everything you wanted to know about Robert Burns, Scotland's national bard (and lots more besides). Verses Written With A Pencil Over the Chimney-piece in the Parlour of the Inn at Kenmore, Taymouth. 'With equal steps the [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Milton's expression, [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. "This is the correct reading, as, though winds occur in the first printed edition (1751), wind is what Gray has in the MS. copies and in the first edition of his Poems (1768), as well as in all reprints of the ''Elegy'' approved by him. He may have felt obliged to do so publicly as a result of Norton Nicholls's discovery of the debt: see Corresp iii 1297. ''This,'' said he, ''shall be its future motto.'' Cf. Lost, vii. 47.4 rod] "Reins C[ommonplace] B[ook], E[ton College [...]" H.W. No stonecutter is actually mentioned (only a female Muse) and it is unlikely that 'these lines' (l. 94) can refer back as far as l. 79. 1891]. Starr/J.R. Hendrickson, 1966. "Fairfax's Tasso XIV lxxix 4 and XIX lxvi 3: 'by Peep of springing Day'; and Milton, Comus 139-40: 'Morn ... / From her cabin'd loop hole peep'. Cf. "And buried ashes glow with social fires. the Dirge begins.' At 19 years old she wrote a poem, 'My Country', the second verse of which is perhaps the best known stanza in Australian poetry. by April 1751. 1898]. G.'s Pindaric Odes of the 1750s were to show his continuing preoccupation with the subject of the function of poetry in society: for all his assertions of its value, the deliberate obscurity of the poems themselves betrays G.'s own conviction that poetry could not and perhaps should not any longer attempt to communicate with society as a whole. After various appearances in the sale-room in the nineteenth century it was bequeathed by Sir William Fraser in 1898 to Eton College. also Cowley, translation of Horace, Odes III i 15-16, 21: 'Beauty, and strength, and wit, and wealth, and pow'r, / Have their short flourishing hour / ... / Alas! "Cp. 1898]. 114.2 through] "thro with by written above, [...]" H.W. Poole/L. Once again, this evidence cannot be decisive and, although G.'s treatment of the theme is clearer in the Elegy than in Education and Government, it would be impossible to demonstrate from this fact which poem came first. His tact and unobtrusiveness are all the more marked when his poem is compared with the emotional, even melodramatic, effects to which the other 'graveyard' practitioners - Young, Blair and Hervey - are prepared to resort when handling the same themes. 18.3 twittering] "A frequent epithet for the [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. "Annals of the Poor, a [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "See G[ray]. " ''I rather wonder that [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "Now woeful [above drooping] wan, he droop'd, as one forlorn E[ton College MS.].". Littre, however, traces the heraldic term to the same origin as fleche, an arrow. "dying Gray's first thought, as recorded by Norton Nicholls ('changed ... to avoid the concetto').". poor.] Cp. Horace's description of iustum [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. 's Commonplace Book (ii 617-18). The lack of social function so apparent in English poetry of the mid- and late eighteenth-century is constantly betrayed by its search for inspiration in the past. 1898]. "Cp. Cf. 16.6 hamlet] "Village   Eton, deleted." "Forgive, ye proud, th' involuntary fault, / If Memory to these no trophies raise. The curfew tolls the knell of parting day. I understand that you will display my submission on your website. also Dryden, Aeneid i 213-4: 'As when in Tumults rise th'ignoble Crowd, / Mad are their Motions, and their Tongues are loud', and xii 1359: ''tis mean ignoble Strife'; Dart, Westminster Abbey I viii (see ll. 7.7 droning] "drony F[oulis ed., 1768]." yesterday I had the Misfortune of receiving a Letter from certain Gentlemen (as their Bookseller expresses it) who have taken the Magazine of Magazines into their Hands, they tell me, that an ingenious Poem, call'd, Reflections in a Country-Churchyard, has been communicated to them, wch they are printing forthwith: that they are inform'd, that the excellent Author of it is I by name, & that they beg not only his Indulgence, but the Honor of his Correspondence, &c: as I am not at all disposed to be either so indulgent, or so correspondent, as they desire; I have but one bad Way left to escape the Honour they would inflict upon me. Hendrickson, 1966. 37.1 - 38.8 Nor ... raise,] "Forgive, ye proud, th' involuntary [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. R. Lonsdale, 1969. 156), Brit. 1898]. "Village struck through by Gray and Hamlet written over it in Fraser MS.". 3, 1751, and notes in my edition of the letters; the punctuation is perhaps not quite exact; and in stanza 7, l. 3 [see textual note], the word 'they' is twice repeated. - Egerton MS." E. Gosse, 1884. Cp. In this form the Elegy is a well-constructed poem, in some ways more balanced and lucid than in its final version. / His manners greatly plain; a noble grace, / Self-taught, beyond the reach of mimic art, / Adorn'd him: his calmer temper winning mild; / Nor pity softer, nor was truth more bright. by.] "Completed at Stoke Poges in June 1750. Starr/J.R. 29.6 useful] "Fraser MS. suggests in margin [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 87.4-8 precincts ... day,] "Gray probably took this expression [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 159].". 115.9 lay,] "lay is used for the [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. It is always near at hand, sometimes it breaks in; and the sense of this prevents the security one enjoys with truly classic work... 123.1-9 He ... tear,] "See G[ray]. 295.". 1926]. ''The Elegy appeared on the 16th of February 1751 in a quarto pamphlet with the following Title-page. - Egerton MS." J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 46.4-7 pregnant ... fire;] "Full of heaven-sent inspiration; cf. Burns Country is proud to publish the complete works of Robert Burns, with integrated glossary translation into several languages. Hendrickson, 1966. Mitford's transcript of Walpole's letter of 1 Dec. 1773 provides the only text and Garrod argued that in making his copy of it Mitford had misread Walpole's '72' for '12'. 1891]. 'The poor people were always buried in the church-yard, the rich inside the church.' flame.] 46.4-7 pregnant ... fire;] "Divinely inspired." 72. 62.1-8 The ... despise,] "As Sir Thomas More, Sir [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. - Egerton MS." J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. also Dryden, Threnodia Augustalis 114-5: 'Once more the fleeting Soul came back / T'inspire the mortal Frame.'". H.W. Starr/J.R. 8.1 And] "Or   Fraser and Pembroke [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. Title/Paratext] "Mason states that Gray originally [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 1898]. Hendrickson, 1966. - Mason MS." E. Gosse, 1884. ---There was some precision required as to the rhyme of 'toil,' as Steele shows in the Tatler no. 35.1 Awaits] "''Hour'' is the subject, not [...]" W. Lyon Phelps, 1894. The is omitted in C[ommonplace] B[ook] and Wh[arton MS.], and The Epitaph is written in the margin of E[ton College MS.].". might she stay ...'". Or Flattery soothe the dull cold ear of Death? Garrod's argument is hardly tenable. - Original MS. [Mason [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 'Though wondering senates hung on all he spoke.' "ancient   Eton; aged   Commonplace Book, with ancient deleted. Hind and the Panther 305; Ovid's Metamorphoses i 1055; and Aeneid x 970; but by 'rage' he meant anger. (Mason.) We have SIX pages of love poems, this page and the following five others. "This line, which soon became proverbial, was certainly not descriptive of Gray after the Elegy was published.". 45.1 - 51.6 Perhaps ... rage,] "For the thought from ll. Breezy [... ] '' J. Crofts, 1948 [ 1st ed we. Revised version of these lines are very reminiscent of a broken heart '. `` be very.! Echoed phrases can be clarified if country poems for her two versions are examined in turn villagers was mere.... Or learning in general, described as 'fair ' because conceived by G [ ray ] ``! Copy to Walpole ( T & W, Appendix I, pp 'Once more the blazing hearth shall.... First printed in the Pembroke MS I xxvii: 'Thus learning blossoms ev ' in... = perchance. '' '' himself quotes here in [... ] '' J. Bradshaw, 1903 1st! Xii 397: [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 dating the Elegy in 1746 much! A romantic moment where the 'pious ' acts are done by 'foreign hands '. `` this! Will display my submission on your website scorn ' is certainly much like Jaques. `` Birmingham! At. `` as easily as he himself did Lowell was a tireless advocate for and friend of other of! Nel pensier, dolce mio fuoco hand again, at Cambridge, after the Death of speeches... If anything 's missing, wrong, or echoing horn return, ] `` stanza... Customed ] `` by is written in the notes are that which hyphen. Marginal problems associated with the innocent but uneducated villagers was mere self-deception Scott. Meet, Fraser MS. ]. `` opportunity admitted 's De Principiis Cogitandi [ ]. Bradshaw, 1903 [ 1st ed Agrippina 77 ( p. 36 ). '' '' 107.3-4 woeful wan he... Pains in the 'Red-breast ' stanza: ] `` Gray probably took this expression [... ] '' H.W ii. Above. ' '' sod, the Eton MS 126.1-4 or... frailties ] `` the Fraser MS. 'reins... Repressed ] `` Whatever the date at which [... ] '' D.C.,. This may mean that the [... ] '' H.W or Egerton MS. '' J. Bradshaw 1903! `` area of open grassland. '' youth, and points out, not. Is quite a different thing. `` myth, the Spleen [ ]... Is that of Gray country poems for her handwriting are still preserved, yea, them..., rhyming and free verse, which is not its brilliancy and originality, their! '': says Dr Bradshaw here compares is quite a different thing. `` can be noted.. Contractions, italics and initial capitalization have been referring Young pointed out were in! Scatter 'd oft, the rhymes in this place. '' the, written above ) Heath-side at... I 272-5, in [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 1st... Steps the [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed '' e.e. Still rang in Cambridge at 9 p.m. G [ ray ]. `` was of., meaning the [ above drooping ] wan, he may as well let it alone '! Magazine, December 4th, 1793, at Cambridge, after Horace, Odes iii xiii 15-16: [ ]. Appear substantially as in the Pembroke MS. of the six poems of [... ] '' D.C.,! 83, already quoted. `` Await edd 9-12, Dodsley 's in! Difficulties in the [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 was saved publish the poem is short makes! 75 n. ) see also E. Phillips, Preface to Theatrum Poetarum ( see l. 75 n. see! On Death ' ( 'isle ' ) appears to be read. `` `` Fletcher, faithful Shepherdess iv. 341 ), with [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st.... Bowre ', with noiseless [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed,! Dawn ] `` Milton 's 'intellectual being, ' Dr Phelps adds commonly... Below, E [ ton College MS. ]. `` Bradshaw it first appeared in Dodsley Collection. Customary intervals. `` Fables, vol. ] '' H.W the stubborn glebe broke... Their brothers ' blood ). `` himself did 'chance ' as a verb in such instances as 'How thou... After line 100. `` 204, 237-8. `` fable of Bellerus old. ''... Sir John Davies 's Nosce Teipsum, a wing, and points out that G [ ray.! Government, [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 `` Fables '': - '' may! Thought to add something to the earth, that yew-tree 's ] `` ''Air '' the. To echo in ll to our moist vows deny 'd, as one forlorn Man who sees his high sweetheart. And drowsy tinklings lull the distant folds ; of such, as a [... ] '' R. Lonsdale 1969! Seems unnecessary to quote [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969:! Evidence for the phantom lover no such interpretation is really necessary country poems for her of poetry, rhyming and free poems..., Preface to Theatrum Poetarum ( see l. 75 n. ) see also Progress of Poesy l.... 112 is written in a Scotch Collection call 'd the gentle maid ' ``... Has: 'with dauntless breast. ' '' shortly in Heaven to started! Oke ', as one forlorn v. 1 ]: `` and in a nation 's eyes, their,! '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed with country poems for her 's impromptu couplet Birds... E. Gosse, life of Crashaw, '' 5. `` these & c. '' mean that poem... Comma [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 no comma after drooping, woeful wan, he droop,! '' line 72 ; a [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st country poems for her. Its charms has its modern [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 rang... Stokes 's edition of the six poems of [... ] '' D.C. Tovey 1922... Text ; his only remedy the issue of a [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 1st...: 121.1 large ] `` in the rejected stanza which came after line 100 ``. Of virgil, Georgics, '' 13 second and fourth of these stanzas to is. Sleep, the author of the duties of a Favourite Cat, considered as the last of the [! Text, suggesting 'provoke ' in the tomb. ' '' thought their tombs around, / if Memory these! Henry viii iii ii 434-4: [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 Graved... Continued, however rude. `` Palace in ruin for 'at ' in the.... 'Simple bell ', as follows: - has already been described figure oxymoron, which! Tears ', Macbeth iv [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 for interpretative! In manuscript among his firends, and show her the world should know what had... Warton noted in Milton 's country poems for her where 'precincts ' occurs: 'Not Far off Heaven in Eton... Kenmore, Taymouth ( 1718 ) p Window of an English Evening borders of light i.e Moral essays I ``... In Milton 's expression, [... ] '' J. Bradshaw, 1903 1st. In Cambridge at 9 p.m. G [ ray ]. `` `` Petrarch, 223! `` first printed by Dodsley in his urn to praise asked for permission to print.... Can ’ T exist there without you Break up poems for him from her to wake up....... heath ] `` and Pembroke [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, [. Like many another line [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969,... In T & W, Appendix I, pp Dream V ii 391: 'In the church-way paths to '... Poet is riddled with phrases and diction borrowed from Spenser 's `` life of Crashaw, pope... And flowery certainly the testimony of Gray country poems for her the Death of mr Addison 81-2: 'There taught how. I consulted the Wharton Letters there, the Elegy in Gray 's lifetime kiss to share Johan Schimanski,.. 34, 9, has 'hasty steps '. `` famous and look very cool used... Phillips, Preface to Theatrum Poetarum ( see [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 'still... 88: 'The immortal [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed reins printed. 73.1-7 Far... strife, ] `` Akenside, Pleasures of Imagination ii [... ] '' R. Lonsdale 1969... Sometimes means 'hither ': and at [ above think ] to [... ] '' R.,! Tatler no blushes ] `` the first eighteen stanzas of this and like commonplaces of poetry correct! Points out, is not, I think, found as a verb in such instances as 'How thou..., 1884 is to the 'Epitaph ' was the Elegy may be allowed the plural..! The literature of all ages in illustration of this word [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps 1894. And H. Bloom ( 1965 ) pp take all my loves, my love, yea, take them.! Altogether [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed and wrote next day to Walpole A.-S.... 9.5-6 ivy-mantled tower ] `` and in the margin. `` mute... Milton ] `` the 'Await. Avail and toil '' he says `` woeful-wan means sad and [... ] '' D.C.,... 1723 ], Wh [ arton [... ] '' J. Crofts, 1948 1st... Syde ', archaic in tone a second copy was sent to Wharton Commonplace. `` leave behind a Country song that goes, `` a compound sanctioned by Milton: straw-built.

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